Uptown Arts was established in 2012 as Charlotte's first uptown tattoo studio - the product and vision of me, Michael Drossos. After many years, miles, adventures, and shops, the cross country trek from Southern California led me to my final, and current location of Charlotte, North Carolina. After a brief stint in another local shop, I decided that I’d put in the time and hours to have the experience required to see my vision - Uptown Arts.

As with most dreams, this didn’t come easy. I was turned away from a few locations. However, in the hopes of being the catalyst CLICK TO READ MORE.

I’ve wanted to be an artist ever since I can recall…in my “baby books” I’d written that as what I wanted to be when I grew up. I can recall watching my mom “doodling” as a kid…amazing pen and ink sketches…and go to art summer school-which in hind sight may have been just a way to get rid of me during summers-but a “thank you” may be in order as it built a passion of art in me  that continued through adolescence until…well….now. CLICK TO READ MORE.

As a smaller tattoo studio, we not only provide some of the area's best tattoo artists, but also have a more intimate space where we can truly cater to our client's needs. We pride ourselves on having created a comfortable atmosphere where both client and artist can relax and have the best experience possible.

While each tattoo artist develops their own personal styles, we strive to create amazing custom pieces our clients are proud to show off. We do any and all styles, hand drawn and otherwise. Call or email to schedule a consultation! We'd love to see what we can do for you!