Brian Lee

Brian is an all-around artist born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. Growing up, he was always intrigued with body art, knowing one day he wanted to join and give back to the tattoo community. Drawing on friends and making designs for change to buy school meals - to one day finally getting his foot in the door at a tattoo shop and given the opportunity to add art onto people's skin.

Brian can do it all - from color to black and gray; realistic to cartoons. He believes the bigger the challenge, the better of a response from his clients. For them to know someone really cared for the ideas and imagery that went into their piece.

Google Review from Karlotii:

Came in today for a last minute idea, best decision i ever made. They were so welcoming and nice when me and my friend first arrived. Ask for Brian. Super helpful and made getting my first tattoo a great experience.

Google Review from Ken:

I was visiting from Toronto last week. I was very impressed with their work and customer service. Great couple of guys to hang out with while being carved up. Brian touched up a 30 year old tattoo and really brought it back to life.
Hey guys, thanks for the DASH!