Uptown Arts Tattoo FAQs

Feel free to contact us if you don't find answers to your questions below.

How long have you been tattooing?
  • I’ve been doing this nearly 20 years…which makes me…old. You will know this by my gray hair as I’m going for the “Clooney” look sans personality/money/looks.
How do I take care of my new tattoo?
  • Leave the bandage on for 2-4 hours…Remove and wash with soap and water (use a non fragranced/non scented soap-dial or antibacterial is NOT required unless that is what you’re used to as this is a harsh soap and will dry and irritate the skin unnecessarily).
  • Don’t use anything abrasive to wash as a fresh tattoo is similar to an abrasion-and loofahs hurt…your hand is fine just make sure that it is clean as a fresh tattoo is open skin and can get infected. After the tattoo is free of any ointment (remember this is a petroleum based product so don’t be afraid to wash it well as water will not break it down-and the tattoo will not go anywhere) blot it dry…never rub it as a dry towel hurts and will irritate skin…Leave open and allow it to get air…
  • Starting the next day you can start using A&D ointment. Use a VERY small amount (about the size of a tic tac should do)…it should never appear “wet”. You can apply it 3-4 times a day…clean off the excess before bed and start using the next day…Do this for 3 to 4 days…You can continue use after 4 days however I suggest switching to a thinner fragrance/dye free lotion such as cruel (original-never get advanced healing). NEVER pick or scratch at the scabs…After the first washing keep as dry as possible- yes you can take a shower (it’s North Carolina and it’d be gross to go 2 weeks with no shower) but just make sure to hold it out of the direct flow of the water to keep as dry as possible.
  • DO NOT soak or submerge so no rivers/lakes/bayous/oceans/streams/ slip and slides/baths/pools or other such water fun…AND most importantly DO NOT listen to friends. Everyone seems to have become an expert overnight due to the surge in popularity of tattoo shows…I’ve been doing this 16 years and know how to best heal my work. Follow my instructions and happy healing!
How much do touch-ups cost?
  • Touch-ups on our work are always free as I stand by all of my work…
  • Much like the motto of the Vidal Sassoon ads of the 80’s-if you don’t look good, I don’t look good. With this stated…a touch-up is fixing something that may have occurred during healing…it doesn’t include coming in 2 years down the road fixing sun damage to work or natural aging/fading.
  • I shouldn’t have to say this but in a world where people sue McDonald’s for hot coffee. And, NO I don’t touch-up other people’s work for free.
Should I re-bandage my new tattoo?
  • No…After the original bandage is taken off it should NOT be recovered as open air is the best way to heal any superficial disturbance to the skin.
Can I go swimming with my new tattoo?
  • Generally the tattoo will start to scab in 1-3 days…however, everyone is different and heals differently. Some people never scab…some people have a harder time healing especially those who have type 2 diabetes or disorders that slow healing or circulation…
  • You must wait until the scabs have come off on their own and the skin has returned to “normal” (ie not shiny or new skin)…A general rule of thumb is 10-14 days-BUT if you have any questions do not hesitate to call me!
Can you finish an entire back tattoo in one sitting?
  • No…contrary to popular belief and crafty editing of LA Ink, I am not able to do this and do a good/solid job. I’m a man, not a machine…
What do you charge?
  • Some people charge more…some less however my rate is $120/hour…All tattoos are based on this hourly rate. I do not charge more for portraits or other styles.
Can you give me a discount (or hook me up)?
  • No…This is not the flea market and I do not haggle…You wouldn’t go to a doctor and ask him to charge less for a procedure. Sometimes I will charge friends or people who have tattoos I really want to do less but this is at my discretion and you will surely not get that benefit by asking me.
What's the craziest tattoo you've ever done?
  • Don’t ask this. It’s silly.
Where are you located?
  • We are located at 120 Brevard Court, in the Historic Latta Arcade, next to Tryon Park Hotel - also across from Romare Bearden Park. The courtyard is often referred to as the “French Quarter”. The easiest way to "enter" Latta Arcade is on Church Street.
  • We are located in the outside portion of the courtyard just before you reach the interior walk way. Our entrance is located between Rush and Clover Joes sandwich shop. The door with our logo and company name will lead you to a set of stairs. Once upstairs, our shop is on the right hand side indicated by the sign. There is NO need to knock as this is a business and not a residence…so please come in and we will be more than happy to shoot the breeze.
  • On a side note if you have trouble finding us…there is a older vintage style sign hanging above door way that is very visible from front of courtyard…we also have an “a-frame” style sign that is located in front of doorway…and if all else fails…call us at 980-219-8523.
Where can I park?
  • There is street parking available (free after 6pm)…Also there are several parking lots and garages in the immediate area ranging from $5 to $10 for all day parking.
Can I bring my kid with me?
  • Under no uncertain terms the answer is NO…I don’t care if you think your kid behaves and is different than other children/quiet/non-noticeable...NO…NO…NO. The fact is you’re biased because it is yours. You wouldn’t bring your child to a porn store or liquor store…BESIDES that there are health codes to abide by-you must be 18 to be tattooed so you must be 18 to be in tattoo studio.
Can I get a tattoo if my mom or dad signs a waiver for me?
  • In addition to being illegal it is a bad idea…Had I gotten tattooed at 15 I’d have received some regrettable tattoos to say the least-and PLEASE don’t go get “tatted up” by your friend that has a “gun”…Tattoos aren’t the only thing that lasts forever-hepatitis is pretty long lasting too.